MATSEN CHEMIE AG wants to actively improve the environment and be the first chemical company worldwide to offer its customers, products, and services which are all completely CO2 neutral(-ized).


MATSEN CHEMIE AG would like to supply manufacturing companies with high-quality chemical products and support all partners in improving their own eco-balance in addition to helping them achieve economic efficiency.


The principle of sustainable management is not a new idea for us, as demonstrated by our actions on a daily basis. We are aware that achieving ambitious ecological goals is the basis for economic success.

Anyone who wastes resources also wastes money.

We work hard every day get a little closer to our vision and also critically scrutinize established processes.

We prepare our CO2 balance according to objective and scientific standards so that we can make our CO2 footprint measurable. Only in this way will we be able to actively work towards reducing emissions and our environmental impact in the future. Appropriate measures are implemented through our environmental strategy and the commitment to continuous improvement. MATSEN CHEMIE AG has always invested in compensatory measures and its own MATSEN Foundation - “MATSEN STIFTUNG” to further compensate for its own effects. The goal is clear!

Learn more about our Foundation - “MATSEN STIFTUNG”! Visit our Website.