Sebacic acid

MATSEN CHEMIE AG is the leading importer of sebacic acid from China. We have been working closely with all renowned manufacturers for many years and can therefore already offer this product 100% CO2 neutral. Sebacic acid does not only have a long tradition at MATSEN CHEMIE AG, the product has been produced on the basis of castor oil since the end of the 1980s and has since been used as a raw material for the production of high-quality polyamides and lubricants, which are subject to high demands in the high-performance sector. In addition, special plasticisers for PVC, so-called sebacates, are produced by esterifying sebacic acid. As an anti-corrosion agent in radiator antifreeze, sebacic acid has a protective function for the components surrounded by the radiator antifreeze. Some modern polyurethanes also contain sebacic acid. Sodium sebacate, the salt of sebacic acid, is also available from MATSEN CHEMIE AG.


  • Sebacic acid
  • decanedioic acid
  • 1,8-octanedicarboxylic acid

CO2 neutral available:

For this purpose, we first developed a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), which presents the emissions arising in detail on a “cradle to gate” basis. We also reduce emissions to a minimum through efficient logistics and intelligent storage locations in Europe. We then finally compensate for the remaining unavoidable emissions with Gold Standard CO₂ certificates.

General information:

Abbreviation SEBA
CAS number 111-20-6
EC no: 203-845-5
REACH Registration No. 01-2119519212-52
MATSEN Article no. 1110
Sum formula: C10H18O4
Description white fine crystalline powder or granules with a characteristic odour
Available packaging loose, 25 kg bags, various types of big bags
Variants Standard | Refined
Aggregate state solid
Form powder | granules
Colour white
Odour characteristic
Purity ≥ 99.5 %
Boiling point 294,4 °C (2013) |SDB 338°C
Melting point 131-134,5 °C


Safety data sheet and specifications