Fesago Indicator -Spray

The colourless FESAGO indicator spray enables the immediate detection of colloidal silicic acids on surfaces such as paper. After application, the indicator reacts immediately with any silicic acid particles present, which is expressed as a reddish colour of varying intensity. By comparing this discolouration with the colour scale on the outside of the spray can, the intensity of the silica particles present can now be determined. Since the discolouration is different on brown paper, a separate scale is provided for this purpose. The FESAGO indicator spray is primarily used for quality assurance in paper sack production. In the paper and packaging industry, colloidal silica (sinasol®) is applied to paper sacks as an anti-slip agent to ensure the stability of stacked sacks on pallets.


  • Fesago Indicator -Spray

General information:

CAS number 109-87-5 | 123-86-4 | 67-63-0 | 67-64-1 | 1330-20-7
EC no: 203-714-2 | 204-658-1 | 200-661-7 | 920-750-0 | 200-662-2 | 215-535-7
REACH Registration No. 01-2119664781-31 | 01-2119485493-29 | 01-2119473851-33 | 01-2119457558-25 | 01-2119471330-49 | 01-2119488216-32
MATSEN Article no. 1413
Sum formula:  
Available packaging Aerosol
Aggregate state Aerosol
Colour yellowish
Odour characteristic
Boiling point -44,5 °C
Melting point  

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