Our Neocarmin products are special indicator solutions for the quick and clear identification of textile fibres. Whether cotton or synthetic fibre - up to 30 different textile fibre types can be clearly identified within a few minutes using the colour scale provided. After years of continuity, the research team of our subsidiary FESAGO have succeeded in further improving the formulation of the Neocarmin product range. The colour reaction of the different textile fibres is amazing. All NEOCARMIN products are exclusively manufactured by FESAGO - Chemische Fabrik Dr. Gossler GmbH in Germany and distributed by MATSEN CHEMIE AG.


  • Neocarmin

General information:

CAS number 88-89-1 | 72-57-1 | 144-62-7 | 12221-52-2 | 4368-56-3
EC no: 201-865-9 | 200-786-7 | 205-634-3 | 602-140-3 | 224-460-9
REACH Registration No.  
MATSEN Article no. 1415
Sum formula:  
Available packaging 1 kg bottle | TA plastic can
Variants OB, W, TA, MS, B
Aggregate state liquid | TA powder
Colour dark red | reddish brown
Odour odourless
Boiling point  
Melting point  

Safety data sheet and specifications