Besides neocarmine, oxycarmine is a rapidly applicable detection reagent for the simple and unambiguous detection of oxycellulose formation on natural plant fibres. Unlike other indicators, oxycarmine reacts only with oxycellulose and not with hydrocellulose. With oxycarmine, the indication takes place in a two-step process. The fabric samples are treated successively in the two different oxycarmine solutions. The oxycellulose can subsequently be recognised by a dark, blue-violet colour, while the undamaged fibre remains white.


  • Oxycarmin

General information:

CAS number  
EC no:  
REACH Registration No.  
MATSEN Article no. 1416
Sum formula:  
Available packaging Tablet | Powder mixture consisting of substance A (pink) and B (yellow)
Aggregate state solid
Form powder
Colour pink, yellow
Odour characteristic
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Melting point  

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