Lithiumsilicate sinasol L-P20

Water glass is the name given to glassy, water-soluble sodium, potassium and lithium silicates solidified from a melt or their aqueous solutions. Depending on whether sodium, potassium or lithium silicates are predominantly contained, one speaks of sodium water glass, potassium water glass or lithium water glass. Lithium water glass penetrates deeper into surfaces due to its lower viscosity and distributes more evenly in cavities. The silicate structures of lithium water glass are larger and cross-link more completely, which improves the sealing of concrete surfaces. It is more crack resistant and water solubility is poorer. Therefore, lithium water glass is a lot more expensive than potassium water glass, which can be used for the same purposes but does not have quite the same effect.


  • Lithium water glass
  • sinasol ® L-P20
  • lithium silicate

CO2 neutral available:

To this end, we first developed a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), which details the emissions generated on a "cradle to gate" basis. In addition, we reduce emissions to a minimum through efficient logistics and intelligent warehouse locations in Europe. The remaining unavoidable emissions are then offset by Gold Standard CO₂ certificates.

General information:

CAS number 7631-86-9 | 1310-66-3
EC no: 231-545-4 | 215-183-4
REACH Registration No. 01-2119379499-16 | 01-2119560576-31
MATSEN Article no. 1432
Sum formula: Li2Si5O11
Available packaging 1.200 KG IBC, drums
Aggregate state liquid
Form suspension
Colour colourless, clear
Odour characteristic
Boiling point no data available
Melting point no data available

Safety data sheet and specifications