Potassium hydroxide solution 50%

Potassium hydroxide, also known as caustic potash or caustic potassium, is an inorganic chemical compound with the formula KOH. When solid it is a white scale. Caustic potash is an inorganic chemical that comes in the form of a caustic, aqueous solution. It belongs to the group of alkali hydroxides and is a strong base constituent. It serves as an important component in the production of detergents, soaps, dyes, biodiesel and other chemical compounds.


  • Caustic Potash
  • KOH 50%
  • KOH aqueous

General information:

Abbreviation KOH
CAS number 1310-58-3
EC no: 215-181-3
REACH Registration No. 01-2119487136-33
MATSEN Article no. 1601
Sum formula: KOH
Available packaging RTC & IBC different sizes
Aggregate state liquid
Form liquid
Colour colourless
Odour odourless
Purity :≥49.5%
Boiling point 146 °C
Melting point 10°C

Safety data sheet and specifications