Sodium Dithionite

Sodium hydrosulfite, also chemically abbreviated as Na2S2O4, is a chemical that is often used as a reducing agent. The substance often occurs in the form of white to slightly yellowish crystals.
Sodium hydrosulfite is used in various industrial applications including:
Bleaching Paper: It is used as a bleaching agent for paper and pulp.
Textile industry: In textile processing, sodium hydrosulfite is used as a reducing agent to remove dyes.
Food industry: It can be used as a food preservative to maintain freshness.
Photography: Historically it has been used in photographic processing as a reducing agent.
Water Treatment: Sodium hydrosulfite can also be used to dechlorinate water.


  • Sodium Hydrosulphite

General information:

CAS number 7775-14-6
EC no: EG-Nr.: 231-890-0
REACH Registration No.  
MATSEN Article no. 1610
Sum formula: Na2S2O4
Description white powder
Available packaging 50l Metal Drums, Returnable metal containers of 1 and 2 cbm
Aggregate state solid
Form powder
Colour white
Odour no data avail.
Purity no data avail.
Boiling point no data avail.
Melting point no data avail.

Safety data sheet and specifications