AGS Acid

AGS Acid is a mixture of Aliphatic Dicarboxylic Acids (Adipic, Glutaric and Succinic Acid) and is a byproduct that derives from the Adipic Acid value chain.
AGS acid is mainly used in the Synthesis of Polyester Polyols for Polyurethane or in the production of plasticisers and pH regulators (tannery, dyeing).


  • Carbonsäuren
  • Di-, C4-6

General information:

Abbreviation AGS
CAS number 68603-87-2
EC no: 271-678-5
REACH Registration No. 01-21119458864-25
MATSEN Article no. 1114
Sum formula: HOOC-(CH2)n-COOH
Available packaging 25 kg bags, various types of big bags
Aggregate state soild
Form flakes
Colour creamy white
Odour very weak
Boiling point 235-337,5 °C
Melting point >45-120 °C

Safety data sheet and specifications