Succinic acid

Succinic Acid, also called Succinylic Acid or Butanedioic Acid, is a colourless crystalline Carboxylic Acid with the molecular structural formula C4H6O4. The salts and esters of Succinic Acid are called Succinates. Succinic Acid is used in the production of Dyes, Pharmaceutical preparations and Polyester and Alkyd Resins. Succinic Acid is approved in the EU as a food additive number E 363.
MATSEN CHEMIE AG offers Succinic Acid made from natural raw materials as Organic Succinic Acid.


  • Succinic acid
  • butanedioic acid
  • E 363

General information:

Abbreviation BSA
CAS number 110-15-6
EC no: 203-740-4
REACH Registration No. 01-2119896114-34
MATSEN Article no. 1112
Sum formula: C4H6O4
Description colourless and odourless crystalline powder
Available packaging 25 kg bags, various types of big bags
Variants Standard | Excellent
Aggregate state solid
Form crystalline powder
Colour white
Odour odourless
Purity ≥ 99.5% (m/m)
Boiling point 235°C
Melting point 185-187 °C


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