Sodium water glass

The term sodium silicate is used to describe glassy, i.e. amorphous, water-soluble sodium silicates or their aqueous solutions that have solidified from a melt. Sodium silicates are mainly used in detergents, paper, water treatment and building materials (cement, mortars), as well as in paper recycling, paper coating and for metal degreasing. It is also found in soaps, detergents, ceramic products, paints and cosmetic preparations. It is not suitable for permanent moisture protection because, unlike potassium silicate, it gradually dissolves over time.


  • sinasol® G-Na

General information:

CAS number 1344-09-8
EC no: 215-587-4
REACH Registration No. 01-2119448725-31
MATSEN Article no. 1450
Sum formula: Na2OxSiO2
Available packaging loose, IBC1300, canisters
Aggregate state soild
Form lumps, shards
Colour light blue, light green
Odour characteristic
Boiling point  
Melting point > 100°C

Safety data sheet and specifications